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Can chewing gum kill you? Common food additive could lead to colorectal cancer

Scientists can’t prove titanium dioxide is dangerous and they can’t prove it’s safe — but this common food whitener is almost impossible to avoid, and manufacturers aren’t required to list it as an ingredient. Titanium dioxide is behind the sheen on sweets and the bleach-white colour of toothpastes and chewing gums, but new research shows… Read More »

SERENA LIPSCOMB got her cancer all-clear aged eight… but the physical and mental toll never ends

I got my cancer all-clear aged eight but, 15 years later, the physical and mental toll is never-ending Serena Lipscomb, now 23, was diagnosed with cancer at just five years old  She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia – a type of blood cancer Serena may be clear for now, but she reveals how much… Read More »

New cancer drug sees disease ‘put to sleep’ instead of chemo and radiotherapy

A pioneering cancer treatment that could stop the disease killing people will be developed at a new £75million British research centre. Instead of blitzing cancerous cells, the new drugs will put tumours to sleep – meaning patients will be able to live with the disease in a similar way to HIV. It is a radical… Read More »