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How to Care for Different Types of Fabrics

It’s a wonder of modern life that there are so many different types of fabric. It’s what enables you to have heavy curtains, light summer clothes, and even sweat absorbent exercise gear. More… Of course, each different type of material requires its own care routine; it’s the best way of ensuring it lasts for as… Read More »

Study: Capping medical residents’ hours doesn’t hurt quality of care

When new rules by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education capped medical residents’ training hours at 80 hours per week in 2003, critics worried that the change would leave physicians-in-training unprepared for the challenges of independent practice. Now, new research published July 11 in the journal BMJ and led by scientists in the Department of… Read More »

Phases of the Pharmacy Provided Care Guide Report – Pharmacy Times

Phases of the Pharmacy Provided Care Guide Report JULY 07, 2019 [embedded content] Loren Kirk, director of Stakeholder Engagement for the Pharmacy Quality Alliance, speaks to Pharmacy Times on phases of the Pharmacy-Provided Care Action Guide Report, during the Pharmacy Quality Alliance Annual Meeting. Loren Kirk, PharmD: The project itself was divided into 2 phases. The… Read More »