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Dr Miriam Stoppard: Drug could give new hope to men who climax too quickly

Premature ejaculation affects one in three men and is defined as ejaculation within a minute . There’s nearly always some­ psychological factors at play and there may be a genetic element. But it’s also found with inflammation of the ­prostate and thyroid conditions. Counselling may lower anxiety and local anaesthetic creams lessen ­sensitivity. A particular… Read More »

Could proxy advisers sway investors to vote ‘no’ on BMS-Celgene merger?

After Bristol-Myers Squibb and activist investor Starboard Value released dueling presentations on the planned $ 74 billion merger with Celgene earlier this week, Wall Street analysts started speculating about what might actually cause the deal to go south. Credit Suisse analyst Vamil Divan raised one possibility: proxy advisory firms. They usually issue recommendations to shareholders… Read More »

Fast-Acting Depression Drug, Newly Approved, Could Help Millions

Of the 16 million American adults who live with depression, as many as one-quarter gain little or no benefit from available treatments, whether drugs or talk therapy. They represent perhaps the greatest unmet need in psychiatry. On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration approved a prescription treatment intended to help them, a fast-acting drug derived… Read More »