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Epigenetic testing firms claim to help you live a healthier lifestyle

Muhdo’s epigenetic sequencing kit is launching this weekMuhdo By Graham Lawton Getting your DNA sequenced is now an everyday reality, but a new frontier has opened up in personal genomics. Two companies have started selling kits that sequence your epigenome. They claim it can deliver much more detailed and useful health advice than is possible… Read More »

Republic Day 2019 Quotes: Best Lines to Help You Make Your English Speech More Patriotic (Watch Video)

2019 Republic Day (Photo Credits: File Image) India is gearing up to honour the patriotic time of the year, January 26, the day when the Constitution of India came into effect on 1950. Parades, speeches and so many performances will be held at public events that will be hosted across the nation.  Replacing the Government of… Read More »