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Justice Alito blocks Louisiana abortion law, citing need for more time

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has temporarily blocked abortion restrictions in Louisiana from going into effect, pushing off the question for another week as to whether the high court will soon be forced to weigh in on the issue of abortion rights. Alito stayed the law until Feb. 7, saying that filings were only completed… Read More »

E-cigarettes help more smokers quit than patches and gum, study finds

LONDON (Reuters) – E-cigarettes are almost twice as effective at helping smokers quit as nicotine replacement treatments like patches, lozenges and gum, according to the results of a major clinical trial. A saleswoman holds an e-cigarette as she demonstrates vaping at the Vape Shop that sells e-cigarette products in Beijing, China January 30, 2019. REUTERS/Thomas… Read More »

Republic Day 2019 Quotes: Best Lines to Help You Make Your English Speech More Patriotic (Watch Video)

2019 Republic Day (Photo Credits: File Image) India is gearing up to honour the patriotic time of the year, January 26, the day when the Constitution of India came into effect on 1950. Parades, speeches and so many performances will be held at public events that will be hosted across the nation.  Replacing the Government of… Read More »