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This 10-Minute Burner Will Blast Your Chest

If your upper body routines are slow-moving, lethargic plodders that put you to sleep on the bench press station, you need to get yourself a new workout. There’s no reason to keep the pace low just because your legs aren’t involved—you can move just as quickly and efficiently while pumping up your chest. Ngo Okafor,… Read More »

This former astronaut says running a start-up is harder than a spacewalk, or summiting Mount Everest

Upon returning, Parazynski said he wanted to build a company based on what he’d learned as an astronaut, from collaborating with colleagues around the world to training and designing things in virtual reality. In 2016, Parazynski founded Fluidity Technologies in Houston. The company’s first product, the FT Aviator, is a fancy joystick used to fly… Read More »