We Take A Look Inside Yogi, Jessica Olie’s Eclectic London Home

By | October 18, 2018

Call us nosy, but we love peeking inside the fridges, pantries, makeup bags and homes of our favourite people. Not only do we feel we can learn so much about the person, but we usually walk away with a few handy lifestyle tips to implement ourselves.

Our latest target was yogi, Jessica Olie who lives with her boyfriend, British model, Will Higginson in their ever-so stylish London home.

Jessica travels the the world teaching yoga and has just launched her new e-book as part of her #LETSSTARTYOGA series, which is the ultimate guide to yoga for every level. She is also soon to launch her very own line of yoga mats which we absolutely love.

Here, we chat to Jess about all things health and wellness, so keep scrolling for more!

What would your spirit vegetable be?

Love to make stir-fry dishes with a tonne of vegetables. I love Courgettes (zucchini) and I put them in everything.

Coffee, juice or smoothie?

Coffee with oat milk. I’m trying to reduce my waste, so I purchase compostable and recyclable coffee pods.

London yoga influencer Jessica Olie

Jess in her kitchen

Do you practice yoga every day?

Not every single day. People have this idea that I am on my mat all hours of the day. But I try to practice six days a week if I can. But lately, it’s been four days a week. Some days it’s 2o mins, or some days are 1.5 hours.

What’s your fave go-to yoga sequence to sweat?

This would definitely be a lot of sun salutations of 10 rounds. Then lots of Vinyasa flows, chaturanga, down dogs, up dogs and I’ll mix in some arm balances and inversions. Arm balances and inversions definitely took a while for me to master. I had to really work at it. You start to really bridge the gap between body and mind and that’s when you get to know your body. It’s like learning to walk again as your upside down. It’s one of my favourites to work on as its so challenging.

London yoga influencer Jessica Olie

Jess’s bedroom

What is your favorite pose? 

The splits! It’s what drew me to yoga, more the physical aspect of it. It’s all about what you want to achieve. If asana is your goal, then you’ll achieve it quicker. Just depends on what your goal is when you get on your mat.

Name your fave place in the world where yoga has taken you?

I feel so lucky to travel the world that I love doing. I’ve been to Australia, USA, NY, Canada, Toronto and this year I went to the Maldives and that was my favorite.

Tips for cleaning your yoga mat?

Don’t soak it! I usually just spray it with essential oils.

London yoga influencer Jessica Olie

Jess’s living room

What time do you wake up?

Today I woke up at 8.30am. Cause my schedule is different every day, it’s different all the time. But I try to wake up early in the day as I feel more productive. I like to do things more slowly and mindfully and I don’ like to rush, but more take my time. Have my coffee and chill. I also try not to look at my phone as soon as I wake up. I make my bed and have my coffee and start my day without my phone.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I lay in my bed and do a few twists and stretches in bed, then crack my back and get everything moving. I then get into a solid yoga practice. But every morning is different for me.

London yoga influencer Jessica Olie

Jess’s in her bedroom

What’s your favorite activewear label at the moment?

I am obsessed with the Lululemon align pants. Those are my go-to workout pants. But, as for sports bras, I just throw on what I have. For fashion, I mix and match a lot of diff things. I love shopping on Revolve and Asos. I also love Tigermist.

Are you more of a sneaker girl or a heel girl?

Heels do get worn occasionally, but def sneakers over heels. I try to wear sneakers with a dress.

London yoga influencer Jessica Olie

What is your fav aromatherapy oil scent? What’s one that represents you the best?

Peppermint. If I feel tired or stressed, every time I get a massage I’ll ask for peppermint or eucalyptus.

What products do you use for your hair? 

I don’t put products in my hair. I only wash my hair once per week, I rinse it every day. If I wash it every day, it goes flat and fluffy. The day after I have washed it I put in Aveda’s Texture TOnic, and I work it in my hands and work it through.

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